Our Executive Team

Mark Presti
President & CEO

Mark is one of the founding partners of NLS Engineering and has over 20 years of experience in energy systems, manufacturing and water treatment. Coming from an entrepreneurial background complimented with a master's degree in engineering, he is responsible for the overall NLS business operations and executing global growth strategies.

Mike Crawford
Vice President – Marketing & Corporate Development

Mike is a senior partner at NLS Engineering with 18 years of multi-national experience in the energy and water markets. His background consists of a broad portfolio of corporate development, technical implementation and management. Mike is responsible for cultivating the NLS culture and ensuring the firm delivers continuous value.

Bob Loncar
Vice President – Technical Services

Bob is a senior partner at NLS Engineering with 18 years of industrial automation, process engineering and SCADA experience. Bob is responsible for providing NLS technical teams with direction and best practices, and he mandates core principles including innovation, continuous learning, and abstraction.

Shaheen Maldar
Vice President - Sales

Shaheen Y. Maldar is responsible for sales growth for NLS Engineering. With his international connections and over 20 years of experience in enterprise sales, he brings a deep understanding of the challenges companies are facing today and has the expertise to help our customers navigate the digital transformation in verticals such as Automotive, F&B, Discrete Manufacturing and Utilities including Renewables.