Engineering for renewable energy


We offer turnkey hardware, software, and services for renewable energy.

Our experience working with stakeholders, contractors, and regulators gives us the foresight to manage your entire portfolio. Our rigorous system planning and design process ensures smooth execution from start to finish.


Service Offerings

Utility Solar PV

We offer modern, real-time SCADA and plant control for utility-scale renewable energy production.

Battery Storage

NLS develops utility scale battery storage sites to support the grid and shift peak usage.

DC Microgrid

NLS provides cutting edge SCADA implementations to monitor and control your DC microgrid assets.


We offer engineering, site preparation, studies, and SCADA for commercial rooftop solar installations.


SCADA Hardware

NLS offers hardware supply and install for utility scale, DC Microgrid, and commercial scale renewable energy sites.

Plant Control

Software & HMI

We develop advanced plant control strategies and HMI to help you get the most out of your solar installations. Our plant controllers respond quickly to the needs of the grid, so you're always in compliance.



NLS averages a 4-5 day commissioning time for an 80MW solar site, and we developed an advanced simulation suite to ensure a flawless logic and data point check-out every time.

Engineering Services

Engineering Design

  • Electrical, instrumentation & controls
  • SCADA panel design and equipment specifications
  • Fiber and copper structured cabling

Plant Control Programming

  • Functional needs assessments and regulator/off-taker specifications
  • Plant control strategy, optimization, and narrative development
  • RTU configuration & PLC programming
  • Voltage step testing, power factor, reactive power, grid support
  • Active power control, automatic voltage regulation, and curtailment


  • SCADA design specifications, standards, process control narratives
  • System audits, Support & Maintenance
  • Modern and intuitive HMI graphic development
  • Plant simulation and software Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Data management and reporting
  • Energy Management System and corporate systems integration

Networking & Telemetry

  • Fibre/copper/wireless network and telemetry design
  • Network and field device equipment specification & configuration
  • Network continuity, security, and performance testing & validation
  • NERC CIP compliance and reporting


  • Cold/Hot commissioning test planning document development
  • Pre-Commissioning site wiring, communications, server checks & verification
  • RTU/Substation & SCADA operational point check-outs and plant control tuning

Additional Engineering Services


  • New substation design as well as system retrofit
  • Utility interconnections, skid mounted, e-house or prefab building design
  • Maintenance, rehabilitation, repair, extensions, and upgrades

Transmission & Distribution Lines

  • Preliminary studies, network integration studies, and network planning
  • Underground/overhead lines, HV line crossings, burial, and conductor sizing
  • Structural & electrical design, specifications for procurement/construction
  • Civil & electrical design, control & protection studies including environmental

Solar Farms

  • Solar PV layout integration, grounding and power system studies
  • Site preparation, grading, racking, and inverter building foundations
  • Medium voltage collector systems and DC collector system design
  • Complete substation design and tap line design for network interconnection
  • Weather stations, equipment specifications, and condition assessments
  • P(90) yield estimates for greater accuracy of yearly performance estimating

Energy Storage

  • Interconnection management and regulator assistance
  • Civil and structural design, geotechnical analysis, pile/slab, fencing, and trenches
  • Electrical design, power system studies, layout drawings and equipment specs
  • Control, communication and monitoring, voltage control & reactive power control
  • Verifi cation and compliance, supervision, and commissioning support

Wind Farms

  • Collection system and substation engineering design and related system studies
  • Interconnection studies, electrical layout design, protection and control design
  • Cable optimization studies, civil, foundation and electrical collection design
  • Telecom network design and tower design
our customers


“One of the best SCADA companies I’ve worked with. They were able to solve challenging project issues to meet the utility requirements.”

Yousef Ali

Project Engineer
NextEra Energy Resources

“NLS understands the big picture. I was continuously impressed with their professionalism, attention to detail and ability to stick to schedule.”

Joshua Rau

Senior Project Engineer
Hanwha Q CELLS

“The software developers at NLS are top notch. They’re experts at commissioning, and we saw a cost savings of at least 20-25%.”

Nischal Patel

NextEra Energy