September 20, 2019
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NLS Engineering receives Inductive Automation Firebrand Award

NLS Engineering has been awarded the Inductive Automation Firebrand Award at the 2019 Ignition® Community Conference (ICC). This award was accepted on behalf of NLS by Vice President of Operations, Michael Crawford.

The Firebrand awards are presented to organizations that utilize Ignition to its full potential, highlighting innovative projects that push the boundaries of SCADA, HMI and MES. NLS Engineering worked to provide renewable energy leader Ecoplexus with a customizable yet standardized Ignition-based operations and management platform.

“We just have to have data that other systems don’t provide. We’d had previous Data Acquisition Systems, but they didn’t give us the visibility that we needed or the richness and robustness of the data necessary to really operate these [solar] farms well", said John Morrison, Senior Vice President of U.S. Operations, Ecoplexus. "NLS is a great partner in our implementation of Ignition. We had close to 30 existing sites that needed to converted, and needed to converted fairly quickly."

The NLS team used the open architecture of Ignition to create a DAS system with full control capability and unlimited depth of analysis. This standalone system is able to export a huge breadth of data tailored to a specific site needs as well as the entire fleet. Ignition allows for SCADA solutions that are user-friendly and cost-effective.

This project culminated in the creation of NextDAS, a groundbreaking Ignition-based operations and management platform that NLS Engineering will be showcasing at Solar Power International 2019, September 24th-26th.

About NLS Engineering

NLS Engineering is an established professional engineering services firm specializing in Energy, Water & Process Control. Their team of multi-disciplined integrators are experts in electrical design, SCADA, plant control programming, data management systems and commissioning.

About Inductive Automation

Inductive Automation creates industrial software that empowers organizations to swiftly turn great ideas into reality by removing all technological and economic obstacles. By cross-pollinating IT with SCADA technologies, Inductive Automation created Ignition software, the first universal industrial application platform with unlimited potential.

About the Firebrand Award

The Ignition Firebrand Awards are presented every year at ICC. The award-winning projects are selected from the ICC Discover Gallery, which features the best 15 Ignition projects submitted by integrators and industrial organizations.

About Ecoplexus

Ecoplexus is a leader in the development, design, engineering, construction, financing, operations, and ownership of renewable energy systems for the commercial, government, and utility markets. The company provides a full suite of professional services for all stages from development to ownership.