July 4, 2016
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NLS Completes Brantford Water & Wastewater SCADA Master Plan

NLS Engineering recently completed the SCADA master plan for the City of Brantford and began the first phase of implementation.

The objective of the SCADA master plan was to identify and assess current SCADA technologies, governance, staffing resources and related infrastructure; identify and define the City’s vision and goals; and subsequently develop a quantified road-map that achieves the City’s objectives for sustainable supply of safe drinking water and environmentally responsible treatment of wastewater.

The City of Branford & NLS jointly presented the master plan to City Council on Tuesday May 17th. Council endorsed the master plan and unanimously voted in favour of its implementation which included hiring three new staff members and $5 million in capital upgrades.

We retained NLS Engineering to complete our SCADA master plan. They did an excellent job capturing our vision and objectives, and delivered a comprehensive plan for the City to move forward with. I would not hesitate to recommend NLS Engineering.”

– Selvi Kongara, MS, P.Eng.
Director, Environmental Services
Public Works Commission
City of Brantford