Next Level SCADA for the Food and Beverage Industry.

Reduce ingredient waste and ruined batches with a performance SCADA solution.

Food & beverage is a sensitive industry. With thousands of customers vying for your product, cross-contamination or incorrect cooking can have a significant effect on your bottom line. A great SCADA implementation means less time contending with contamination, health and safety, or regulatory infractions because they are considered by design.

NLS Engineering brings superb engineering and an unyielding commitment to deliverables in their food and beverage projects. Superior engineering needn’t be more expensive. It does need to be well-conceived and executed.

Our guiding principle is Engineering Integrity. This means you can count on us to deliver.

Services we offer for Food & Beverage

Manufacturing Process Design

  • Electrical design and controls programming
  • Batch, continuous production, and recipe controls
  • SCADA visualization and data management systems
  • Network design and implementation; secure VPN access
  • Routing, physical and virtual servers, disaster recovery
  • SCADA design specifications, I/O server strategy
  • SCADA & GMP standards

Eco-Friendly Wastewater Treatment

  • SCADA integration for standalone or turnkey equipment
  • Control system upgrades and optimization
  • Oil Extraction systems and suspended solids removal
  • Water reclamation systems and effluent control

Clean-in-Place (CIP) Systems Design

  • CIP SCADA system validation (P&ID and controls)
  • SCADA Design and implementation to meet GMP


None have compared to the prompt service and reliability of NLS. They have an extremely professional and devoted workforce which assists us the moment an issue occurs, 24/7.
Terry Riopelle
Overall Responsible Operator
Town of Kapuskasing
I worked with NLS on several utility scale Ontario photovoltaics projects.  I was continuously impressed with NLS's professionalism, attention to detail and ability to stick to schedule.
Joshua Rau
Former Senior Project Engineer - Q-Cells
Founder and CEO of XCURSN
We were impressed with the performance of NLS on past projects. Based on how well we worked together, we decided we wanted to continue working with NLS where possible.
Louis Muio
Project Manager
N-Sci Technologies
NLS has up-to-date expertise on what is possible with manufacturing technology, and is big enough to do the job and small enough to provide service to what we need.
Warren Morris
Director of Manufacturing
Wing's Food Products
We chose NLS to design and implement the virtualization of servers for our SCADA systems at two facilities. I found their staff to be highly responsive, and their work was competitively priced.
Ryan Lacharity, P. Eng.
Project Engineer
Region of Waterloo, Water Services